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For a Budget That Is Both Morally and Economically Sound No comments yet

“Let us never forget that when Bill Clinton left office in January of 2001, the U.S. had a budget surplus of $236 billion with projected budget surpluses as far as the eye could see. During that time, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office projected a 10-year budget surplus of $5.6 trillion, enough to erase the entire national debt by the end of 2011.”
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Keep Your ‘Disruption’ Out of Our Schools No comments yet

If you are falling for this “competition” line, you needed a better education. Maybe a continued education is in order?

This is all about turning public investment into private profit. Our children will become margins and our society ruinous.

Capitalism should stay where it belongs, with what people want. When it comes to what people need, history shows us that whatever American capitalism touches, burns.
More on Democracy
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Rick Scott Plans To Resume Voter Purge Effort In Florida No comments yet

From now on we will all be real and call these laws what they really are.. the “Hold onto white power act of 2013…”
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Eric Cantor Looks To Entitlement Cuts For Sequester Compromise No comments yet

“…entitlements such as Social Security and Medicare..”

How does something you pay for all your life become an “Entitlement”?
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FERC Accuses JPMorgan Chase Of Manipulating Electricity Market No comments yet

When will we finally say enough is enough and take our public profit institutions back? Every publicly owned system that the private market has taken from us has proven a huge waste of money with mediocre results at best.

We need to take our public utilities back.
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School Choice: Part of the Solution to Our Broken Education System No comments yet

More private profit from public investment… We need to stop this. It has already destroyed our military and public utilities. Lets make our children profit centers now… There is a special place for men like this…
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The United States Marine Corps Officially Declares ‘Lack of Spiritual Faith’ as a Sign of Instability No comments yet

This is military policy stating that lack or loss of faith is a sign of trouble and requires disciplinary action.

It states “Guidance/moral compass Issues: Lack or loss of faith” – which is categorized with not knowing right from wrong, lack of courage and lack of self control. Which is right above “Substance abuse”. (page 13)

I would argue that they should add “too much faith” into that category. History has (Irrefutably) proven time and time again we should never underestimate the destructive powers of the “True Believer.”
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Harry Reid Ready For Filibuster Reform: ‘It’s Time For Course Correction’ No comments yet

Why have we not demanded this guy be replaced? He has no guts, he is a lousy negotiator, and I feel like he has no idea how to handle the senate in majority. The filibuster should have been taken care of when it became obvious the other side had no intention of ever saying anything but no…. Two years ago.

I am not even sure he is on our side.
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Who Should Stop Writing About Egypt Today? No comments yet

Arguing for democracy by rejecting democracy. Classic Brooks.
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12 Things The Tobacco Industry Wouldn’t Like You To Know No comments yet

E-cigarettes are a godsend to people who want to quit smoking altogether, or wish to stop many of the harmful effects of burning and inhaling all the crap they put in cigarettes.

I smoked for 26 years and I no longer breath the harmful smoke, smell like a cigarette butt, or expose anyone to anything but water vapor. E-cigarettes are magnitudes healthier than traditional smoking, and the use of them should be encouraged for all people that are addicted to nicotine and simply cannot quit altogether.

Another really nice thing about electronic cigarettes, you can lower the dose of nicotine over time, until you can completely quit.

I am pretty sure that our job in a free society is not prohibition, but managing risk and harm. Electronic cigarettes are a huge step in the right direction. I am not advocating anyone get addicted to nicotine, but this prohibitionist, holier than thou crap has to end.
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Will Immigration Reform Work for the U.S. Economy? No comments yet

You know, I am about at progressive as it gets, but this one is a tough pill to swallow right now. At least not the way this is being written.
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Supreme Court Hands Chamber Of Commerce Blockbuster Pro-Corporate Term No comments yet

Republicans will not see another presidency for decades.
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Texas Abortion Bill: Republican Lawmakers Approve Tough New Restrictions No comments yet

One step closer to being completely irrelevant in future elections…

How the GOP could possibly think this kind of thing could help them is beyond me.
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U.S. Suffers Biggest Pay Drop On Record, As Workers Squeezed Tighter No comments yet

I guess “American Exceptionalism” means everyone gets paid “except” the people that created the wealth to begin with. MUURICA!!!
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Marijuana Chain Planned By Jamen Shively; Investment Will Total $100 Million Over 3 Years No comments yet

After having lobbied, rallied, blogged and ranted for many many years for a regulated, taxed, legal drug market… I think this is a bad idea.

We should have a well regulated system that offers the drugs to adults, as well as education and a stigma free rehabilitation program for people who just cannot use responsibly and wish to quit. Chain store capitalism is not a good way to have a responsible drug policy.

Just my opinion. I think if a large chain incorporated education and rehabilitation services into it’s system, then maybe I could be convinced. However history has shown that capitalism ultimately kills any sense of social responsibility when it comes to large corporations. Selling mind altering substances should definitely come with some social responsibility, alcohol included.
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What Can We Learn From Denmark? No comments yet

I would settle for us thinking we could learn something, from anyone, period. That would be a great start!
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Lessons From the World of Tax Avoidance: How Nations Can Negotiate With Global Capital No comments yet

Denial of access to our consumers has been the answer for 20 years.

It is the same 1% that are taking the gains now that have been training people to think that protecting labor, safety and environmental standards (in any country) is actually a bad thing. Our acceptance of massive profit margins at any cost will be the death of us.
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AT&T Adds $0.61 Fee, Angering Customers No comments yet

Anytime there is a price increase or change in terms on a contract, both parties should have the right to terminate without cost. If we had more real competition, we wouldn’t even have to worry about this kind of thing.
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The First 3D-Printed Gun Has Been Fired (VIDEO) No comments yet

3D printing is the end of employment as we know it on this planet. That is the real story, and a problem we have not even thought about a solution to.
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Abrams Tank Pushed By Congress Despite Army’s Protests No comments yet

Does it really take a genius to figure out that you can shut down military projects and migrate the skills and manufacturing power into a civilian infrastructure investment? The short shortsightedness of people is really scary. I am sure if you can build tanks, you can build high speed transportation systems, long lasting infrastructure projects, and smart electric grids. Something…?
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