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Obama To Major Garrett: ‘This Is The United States Of America, Major!’ (VIDEO)

glen @ January 14, 2013 # No Comment Yet

That was one of the most straight forward, concise explanations of a position I have heard from him yet. Outstanding.Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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The O’conomy

glen @ August 31, 2011 # No Comment Yet

Good read in the NYT Op-Ed section today. Although it would have been nice if they could have added that we actually do have too few people earning enough money to pay federal income tax, We do have a wage deflation problem, and that, as well as historically low taxes for the wealthy and corporations […]

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A Larger Police State

glen @ June 13, 2011 # No Comment Yet

Read the full story here. Talk about completely unconstitutional…. These new rules simply toss our rights into the shredder. “Every one of these has been carefully looked at and considered against the backdrop of why do the employees need to be able to do it, what are the possible risks and what are the controls,” […]

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Quick Facts From Medical Cannabis States (NORML)

glen @ May 31, 2011 # No Comment Yet

(FULL STORY HERE) Quick Facts about Medical Marijuana States: The 1.1 – 1.5 million estimated and registered medical marijuana patients in America are legally entitled to cultivate 17 – 24 million cannabis plants and possess 283 – 402 tons of harvested buds. The seventeen jurisdictions with medical marijuana encompass over 90 million Americans and 162 […]

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Corruption In Your Face Demands Harsh Consequences

glen @ May 16, 2011 # No Comment Yet

This should make you throw up. Someone needs to be held accountable. The lack of accountability in almost every aspect of our civilization should be condemned. Americans must do whatever is required to make the media report responsibly, so the people of this country will demand accountability for numerous cases of fraud, corruption and systemic […]

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Global Capitalism and 21st Century Fascism. William I. Robinson

glen @ May 8, 2011 # No Comment Yet

Take a few minutes and read this. Then read it again.

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A Lesson Lost

glen @ May 2, 2011 # No Comment Yet

One thing is certain, celebrating death is not human. Yet another lesson lost. Another lesson bouncing off the invisible bubble that surrounds the righteous masses.

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Trish Regan Has Grown

glen @ April 20, 2011 # No Comment Yet

I possibly owe her an apology for being so hard on her first looks into the Cannabis industry, so, I apologize. I was too harsh. In her latest, she seems to have come to the understanding that many of us that know and understand the drug policy situation in this country have known for years […]

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Sanity In Canada

glen @ April 19, 2011 # No Comment Yet

Cannabis prohibition deemed unconstitutional. AMEN. Full story here.

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Olbermann Still Rocks.

glen @ April 6, 2011 # No Comment Yet

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Cannabis Treats Cancer- National Institute of Health

glen @ March 24, 2011 # No Comment Yet

Direct from the National Institute of Health. Read it all here. Cannabinoids may cause antitumor effects by various mechanisms, including induction of cell death, inhibition of cell growth, and inhibition of tumor angiogenesis and metastasis. Cannabinoids appear to kill tumor cells but do not affect their nontransformed counterparts and may even protect them from cell […]

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Disaster Economics by Fools

glen @ March 11, 2011 # No Comment Yet

As reported by The Hill, full story here. The 70 spending cuts to the White House’s fiscal 2011 requests are as follows: Flood Control and Coastal Emergencies -$30M Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy -$899M Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability -$49M Nuclear Energy -$169M Fossil Energy Research -$31M Clean Coal Technology -$18M Strategic Petroleum Reserve -$15M […]

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Mother Jones Must Read

glen @ February 22, 2011 # No Comment Yet

This is the most important piece of journalism in at least two years. They did far more than that, though. As historian Kim Phillips-Fein puts it, “The strength of unions in postwar America had a profound impact on all people who worked for a living, even those who did not belong to a union themselves.” […]

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Washington State Should Lead..

glen @ February 21, 2011 # No Comment Yet

Ending marijuana prohibition is pro-law enforcement because it would enhance the legitimacy of our laws and law enforcement. As Albert Einstein said of Prohibition in 1921, “Nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced.” Read the complete Op-Ed here.

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A Supreme Conflict of Interest

glen @ January 20, 2011 # No Comment Yet

I recommend reading “The Bohemian Grove and Other Retreats” from C. William Domhoff (New York: Harper and Row, 1974. It will give you some factual informatio­n on the history of these retreats, and how they are used to defy the press and the political will of the everyday American. These retreats are nothing new, but […]

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Americas Next Chapter- Must see

glen @ January 14, 2011 # No Comment Yet

Tavis Smiley gives us one of the best sit down conversations in a long time. This is a must watch 3 hour conversation with some of Americas best. Watch it all here.

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You go Bob Herbert!

glen @ January 4, 2011 # No Comment Yet

Another most excellent piece by Bob Herbert at the NYT. Have we forgotten already who put us in such grave peril? Republicans benefit from the fact that memories are short and statutes of limitations shorter. Read the full story here.

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Just Glad A Study Is Being Done…

glen @ January 1, 2011 # No Comment Yet

Go here and read about it, then go fill it out

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Banana Republic Here We Come

glen @ December 31, 2010 # No Comment Yet

Must read at the NYT here.

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Visa DOWN: WikiLeaks Supporters Take Down Site As ‘Payback’

glen @ December 8, 2010 # No Comment Yet

As I said regarding Mastercard­… Do you still think the next revolution will be fought with guns?Read the Article at HuffingtonPost This is a must see video- http://www­.youtube.c­om/watch?v­=RkdgKFmF-­vY

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