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Church Online: Believers Can Worship On Web, ‘Click To Accept Christ’ No comments yet

We need to set flat taxes (say 25%) and no deductions on all churches. Consider it part of their part in solving our economic crisis.
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Food Stamps Will Feed Half Of US Kids, Study Says No comments yet

Food Stamps Will Feed Half Of US Kids, Study Says

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Citigroup, Bank Of America Among Companies Hoarding Cash No comments yet

When private investment fails to invest in the people of this country (as they have for 30 years) the people(government) have no choice but to invest in themselves.

The failures in measuring returns on investment in the public sector could be explained quantum theory. You simply cannot measure consequences you cannot know.

One dollar from a public sector investment could spur one individual to create the next economic boom. One area of investment in education could produce free energy, you just never know.

One thing is certain. A failure to invest in ourselves creates a very measurable result. Stagnation and failure.
More on Citibank
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Krugman Says It Again, As He Should No comments yet

“Too Little of a Good Thing” By Paul Krugman. Another good post, and these just cannot be pushed hard enough. We need to invest in our future, or we will not have one.

Sanford Wallace: Meet The ‘Spam King’ Sued By Facebook No comments yet

Jail time and long unsupervised group showers for this scumbag.
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DVR Ratings Bringing TV Networks Money No comments yet

Whatever they can do to keep ad revenue up, but I certainly don’t watch commercials.

I wish they would hurry up and ban max level volume commercials though, when I do watch live television, especially at night, those commercials can wake up my kids, and it seriously pis5es me off.
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Democrats’ Quiet Changes Pile Up No comments yet

Democrats’ Quiet Changes Pile Up

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