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Life After Death: The View From The Edge No comments yet

Higher power, god or no, energy is never expended, only transferred from one form to another.
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Afghanistan: Obama’s Fantasy Island No comments yet

So the damage we caused in the last 8 years is meaningless? I consider myself a progressive, and no defender of war. That said, I feel a sense of responsibility to those children and those families for our part in the destruction that has been caused there.

Do we just leave those women and children to go it alone? Do we not have some responsibility to clean up the mess we created?

Seriously, I want to know if you people think we should hold ourselves accountable to the failures of our past administration, or do you honestly think we should cut and run?
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One Term President? New York Review Blog By Garry Wills No comments yet

Why is the media simply failing to tell the story?

Its the GDP stupid. A loss of GDP means budget shortfalls everywhere.

Reform Banking, we lose at least 10% of the GDP that will not show up for at least a few years in other sectors (it was 40% of GDP in 2008 and much of that was simply fabricated).

Reform Health Insurance, lose at least 7% of GDP, much of which will not come back until at least 2012.

Reform campaign financing, lose 100 Billion dollars to the economy, at least. Sign companies, ad agencies, polling companies all shed jobs.

Reform energy, energy companies shed jobs to maintain profit margins, and we take another hit to employment and GDP until reforms are in place.

Everything that needs to be done in order to make this country a better place for future generations will take sacrifices that while much better in the long run, will turn ignorant voters against reform and leadership in the short term.

It is a lose lose. We will lose jobs and GDP without massive government spending and education/job plans if we fix this broken system or if we do not. Very few are making credible arguments on the side of future investment, even though it is our only choice.
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Alan Grayson Reads Names Of Dead In Republican Districts (VIDEO) No comments yet

This guy gets it.
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