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Obama’s Choice: Jobs Now or Republicans in November No comments yet

Let me try and dismiss this fantasy.

Nobody wants to take anyones money that has earned it. There is simply too much being earned off of the misery and suffering of others.

As a society, we determine what stealing is, and the truth is, these corporations have been stealing from us for dozens of years. We tried deregulating Capitalism, pretending there was a free market, twice actually, same result both times.

No, it is time to change the game. Capitalism has its place, but not in societies needs. Returns on investment come in other things then the short term dollar. When corporations choose profit over research and development, advertising over cost control, return on investment over new technology and a cleaner planet, it is time to lock them up.

I am willing to have a free market in anything that society wants, but the needs are for everyone. Education, Domestic energy, Health Care, Domestic Food Supply, Residential Banking, all for the people. You get ipods, computers, ding dongs and robots. All of which we will buy plenty of with all the spare capital left over from cheap needs.

And you will have to excuse me if I cannot imagine that changing some people in Washington is going to keep men worth Trillions from changing laws, again.
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Change You Must March For- Time For The Oligopoly To End No comments yet


If ever there was a time. Before we have an unavoidable situation, while there is still time to stop the giant sucking sound that is the siphoning of societies soul, we need to march.

Not just a march. Not a million men, but 10 million humans. A slice of America that comes in droves and waves and flashes to show our government (us?) that it is time to level the playing field, it is time to stop the madness that is disaster-capitalism. Time for society to stand up, demand what is rightfully theirs, and take back our resources, our treasures, and allow that which we invest to show returns for society as a whole.

Education for everyone, Health Care for everyone, Jobs for everyone, Freedom for Everyone. Not just to those that can afford it, everyone. Time to end the social investment for private profit, time to end the private profits and social losses.

I know there is a group that can get this started. You can feel how great need for our administration to understand just how imperative these needs are.

How many homeless will it take? How much wealth do these few rich powerful white men have to take from the people that made it all possible?

We gave the President a mandate for charge. We get a mandate to pay private profits to corporations that we utterly disgraceful back when Hillery was pushing for reforms in the 90′s, now the system is undeniably criminal. We could add the energy companies and ever growing population of private utility companies to this group of profiteers, with ever increasing charges to consumers and nearly bankrupting California (Remember Enron? They paid a lot to make you forget).

Wall Street needs to work for main street, not the other way around.

What is going to make history, the people, or the downfall of America? Its time we make the government work for us.

Lets see what we can do, now, before this is too large a mess to clean up. We need to remind Wall Street, and the American Government, of societies proper place in our civilization.

Howard Dean Stresses Importance of Grassroots Pressure on Public Option No comments yet

We could change this whole debate, and the entire mood of the country with one march on Washington.

Someone has a team that can get it started, choose the correct dates, get the proper donors, and draft the message. Who that team is, I don’t know, but I really think we need it now.
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Democratic Party Out of Bounds No comments yet

I agree. This bill was mediocrity at its finest.

You are also correct in stating that we will pay for it. We will, in more ways than one.

Actually, not just us, the whole country.
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A New Green Youth Movement No comments yet

As long as we are not socializing investment and privatizing the profits, I am cool with it.

But the way it looks now, society will foot the bill, and our government is going to hand over the infrastructure to private companies, adding a hefty margin and charging is right back to us, the people that made it all possible.

If we are going to finance it, we should get not only the immeasurable rewards of a cleaner planet, but an actual dollar return on our investment.
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Why We Need Better Rockets No comments yet

I think we need to forget Mars for now, and focus on a manned base on the Moon.

Dan Rather Reports had a rather harsh segment on manned flight last week, which was disappointing.

Nobody gave the argument that manned flight forces many innovations in recycling and conservation that could easily be used here on earth.

I think Mars is for a more prosperous future. There is much we could accomplish with a manned station on the Moon.
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CBS News: Obama Has Decided To Send Almost 40,000 Troops To Afghanistan No comments yet

No trauma? No controversy?

Make some up.

What’s good for the media is good for Cormerica.
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Project Syndicate – A New World Architecture No comments yet

Project Syndicate – A New World Architecture

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How The Government Is Swallowing The Economy: U.S. News No comments yet

It is getting to the point where I may sign out of HuffPo and never come back.

I don’t know who it is they hired about a month ago, but the propaganda is starting to be sickening.
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Finding the Path Back on Track No comments yet

While I agree with much of what you have said, many low level drug offences need not be felonies to begin with.

Instead of legalizing, regulating and taxing drugs, some are mainly looking to turn responsible adults into prisoners of the state that pay for their own room and board, while supporting the law enforcement, judicial infrastructure and drug testing systems.

Low level drug offences aside, I agree we need to change our system, and the system you describe is far better than the one we have.
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The Big Confusion: “Moderates” and “Independents” Are Not the Same Thing No comments yet

Corporatist “Conservatives” as well as “Moderate” democrats have dug a hole in this country we may never get out of, and this man is trying to hand out shovels.
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Arianna Huffington: Why It’s Wrong When Wrongdoers Are Allowed to Admit No Wrongdoing No comments yet

Arianna Huffington: Why It’s Wrong When Wrongdoers Are Allowed to Admit No Wrongdoing

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Life Sucks And It’s Society’s Fault No comments yet

Personal responsibility only goes so far in an economy that demands greater and greater returns on investment. Powerful people have been using personal responsibility as an excuse to destroy society for the last 40 years. Guess what? It is working.
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The Audacity to Change No comments yet

40% of GDP-Bankers
17% of GDP-Sick Care

Are people willing to lose at least one quarter of the economy in order to fix these sick industries? (We will not even go into the energy industry)

You think job losses are bad now? You think tax shortfalls are bad now? How do you think the global economy will react when we crush the banking elite? When we give the taxpayer their health care money back? These things are going to hurt, but not for very long.

I think the people can take it, but only if we invest heavily in jobs and education, sustainable energy production and agriculture. The short term losses will be staggeringly difficult to manage, and getting re-elected while these reforms are put into action will be extremely difficult (especially when your funding base is poor and your opposition gets its money from those that stand to lose the most.

I don’t know if people can handle the truth, let alone the difficulties that come with realigning an economy as large as ours, even though it must be done.

Lets hope the President can win the argument. Lets hope he has people around him making the argument.
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Wall Street’s Record Bonuses Return: Analysts Predict $30 Billion In Bonuses At Big 3 No comments yet

Shoplifters of the world-
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Big Pharma’s Crime Spree: Drug Makers Pushing Products For Unapproved Uses No comments yet

“He was a sweet and tender hooligan, hooligan, oh he swore that he’d never never do it again, no of course you won’t, oh not until the next time.”
~The Smiths
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