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Death In A Coffee Shop No comments yet

I don’t understand it either, but then again, I did not grow up in an environment surrounded by “cops” that many minorities do.

If you were surrounded by “Law Enforcement” that acted like “___________” (enter whatever behavior you like), day in and day out, maybe I would understand.

What I do know is that law enforcement priorities have changed (or maybe not, depending on what part of the country you live in and your ethnic background).

Thousands of rape kits go untested, thousands of child molesters roam free, thousands of murders go unsolved, yet our law enforcement too often consists of busting down doors at 4am to arrest a guy for a plant.

More and more of our police services are getting directed toward “crimes” that bring the greatest monetary return on investment, not the greatest reduction in threats to safety. Confiscating someones property or fining them is much more profitable then actually catching a criminal. Until this trend is stopped, retaliation will only get worse.
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Harvard ignored warnings about investments – The Boston Globe No comments yet

Harvard ignored warnings about investments – The Boston Globe

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