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Meredith Attwell Baker, FCC Commissioner, Joins NBCUniversal 4 Months After Approving Merger No comments yet

She should be in prison.
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Mary Landrieu, Mark Begich Defend Oil Companies Against Democrats No comments yet

These are not Democrats, they are just another bunch of political prostitute­s.
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Gas Prices up, Wages Down, Americans Caught in the Middle No comments yet

Start a revolution and take back all that was stolen.
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States Shortchange The Unemployed With Junk Debit Card Fees: Study No comments yet

Remember when you used to be able to go to a bank that issued the check you had and they cashed it because the person that wrote it had an account there? I guess nobody thought that was customer service.
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Republican Lawmakers Offer Disaster Victims Prayers, But Not Federal Aid No comments yet

“Revolting­” is the correct word. Dangerous is another.
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Public Funding for Private Schools — How Can I Ask Parents to Accept Less than I’d Want For My Kids? No comments yet

Wow. Look who really needs an education. You should have done some history homework.

We need to pool all school funds at the state level (or federal) and disperse it based on where the children live, not the zip code that provided the funds, That should be the first step in any discussion­.

Segregate our schools by drawing lines on a map, then complain the schools are failures, then bring in the private profit monsters,. The same failed ideology repeats.

These are certainly sad days for humanity, most certainly for children.

I wonder who suffers when the “Enron” of private schools gets caught.
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