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Patriot Act Extension Moves Forward In Senate No comments yet

Both sides were quick to sell out our 4th amendment right to privacy. It was sickening to watch.

Rand Paul was the lone dissenter today.

So in oder to keep our privacy, we have to vote for a guy that would eliminate the EPA, the FDA, public education and all social programs. WTF?

Where has our rational leadership gone?
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State Education Laws Focus On Expanding Charters, Bolstering Vouchers No comments yet

The first step to any education reform is to make the money go where the children are.

Nobody will touch it, because they know they will inevitably be shown to be elitists that believe only the children who’s parents make enough money should be educated, and those who cannot afford it should have second rate educations­, or no education at all.

So instead of having the funding conversati­on, they will allow private profit gangsters to steal from the poor and the ignorant, while claiming the success of another private profit scheme where a few excel (because they could afford it) and the majority fail miserably.

Enron about bankrupted California­. The banks about destroyed the word economy with the help of Realtors, appraisers­, and other get rich quick profiteers­. There are hundreds of examples.

What will they do to our kids? It is not a question even being asked. And it is not a question of “If” they will exploit our kids, but “when”.

We cannot just sell shares of our kids to other companies and move on after the exploitati­on is done, this will be a permanent destructio­n of human potential, all for a buck.

I really hope folks are proud. The fact that we are even discussing privatizat­ion of our schools show the massive ignorance that is so pervasive in everything America does these days.
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The End of Daze No comments yet

I would think this is similar to shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theater, but then again, we do not hold anyone accountabl­e for anything anymore.

Besides, there is a certain group of folks that still believes the gullible and weak are fair game.
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