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Something Is Very Wrong…

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Spending millions to track, indict, and prosecute someone that is not breaking any state laws? The only reason he is charged with laundering money, is that cultivating marijuana is a federal crime, not a crime in California. So obviously he cannot tell the feds about that income on his tax return, they would raid him. So instead of reaping millions in tax revenue from the grower, they spend my money to put him in jail for growing pot for people that are sick, and need it.

Here is the story in full.

Stop reading if you are squeamish.

Fuck You, Mr. Bush. (He is a drug addict, it’s a fact)
Fuck You, Pfizer. (3 million Children on Amphetamines for “ADHD”)
FUCK YOU, International Paper (They HATE hemp, because it makes paper, better, faster, and cheaper; BUT, they don’t own the land to grow it)

Guess what? You will all be dead of old age soon (hopefully something a bit earlier like cirrhosis of the liver, or a nice big stroke) and the younger, smarter, more honest Americans will take over and wipe your greedy, selfish, ignorance out of our existence.

We are tired of the lies, the fear tactics, insanity driven priorities and disturbing lack of intelligence and common sense.

Our kid’s don’t have ADD, or ADHD (not to the amount the drugs are sold anyway.) They don’t pay attention because they don’t believe a word anyone says anymore. Our country has lied to them so often, they stopped listening.

That is besides the fact that the lack of school funding from the Federal level borders on being treason.

glen @ October 14, 2006

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